JD.com in search of alliances in the food in France

The alliances among the Internet giants and the French distributors have given wings to specialists in chinese e-commerce. In particular JD.com, the second largest player of e-commerce in China after Alibaba. At the beginning of September, its purchasing specialist agri-food have planned to travel to Paris to meet with producers and distributors of French in the food sector in France.

The chinese giant, which recorded a sales turnover of 55.7 billion in 2017 (47.3 billion euros) – an increase of 40.3 % compared to the previous year, no longer hides his ambition to sell products from our terroir to its 301,8 million customers, mainly chinese. They already enjoy a lot of the French products on sale JD.com from the cosmetic in luxury way by the textile industry. In all, nearly 400 French brands are already present on the e-commerce site.

But to sell the power of French origin, is another matter, because the food is often perishable and cannot indefinitely wait in one of its 500 warehouses in china or in a container under customs. It is necessary to secure the supply chain so as to be able to deliver quickly and in large quantities, especially during promotions. Hence the idea of JD.com to establish agreements with French partners, like the one that the group has just signed with Unima, the leading producer of farmed shrimp in Madagascar.

Technological Innovations

During a promotional event for their anniversary, from the 1st to the 18th of June, JD.com achieved $ 24.7 billion of sales. The equivalent, in a single transaction, one-third of the entire market of e-commerce in France on a year. Among its best-selling products imported costs include shrimp thai, lobster canadian…

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