Jacques-Charles Fombonne, constable of the SPA

Weird, weird. One night, in early August, a strange burglary took place at the headquarters of the humane Society (SPA). An intruder – several, perhaps- breaks a window and enters the building with a garden of the boulevard Berthier, Paris, without triggering the alarm. It mounts to the floor, visit a few offices that have been carefully selected, including those of the president and of the director-general. At the time, although objects can tempt a thief. Yet nothing is stolen. Who could attempt such an expedition ? Why ? Who is it for ? The files have been copied ? The case is related to the war of the clans internal ? “A priori, this is not the Watergate, but, yes, it is very strange,” admits Jacques-Charles Fombonne. I filed a complaint. ”

The new boss of the SPA is in its element. Investigations, searches, police custody, soon to be thirty years he immersed in this world. Until his retirement, on 1 October, he was constable. A policeman not really in the rank, a man of multiple lives and identities parallel, successively lawyer, judge, writer, screenwriter, teacher, the great raconteur of funny stories and reader of Charlie Hebdo – but a policeman all the same. In the last five years, the colonel Fombonne was in command of the national training Centre of the judicial police. For his departure, he was promoted to general.

Taking the head of the main French association for the protection of animals, the expert in criminology was thought to end with the offences, crimes and investigations. Barely lost. It was not named for the past three weeks that he was faced with this intriguing fric-frac.

“I draw the emmerdements as lightning ”

“Every decision functions, I draw the emmerdements as the lightning “, has fun, this square man of 59 years old, grabbing a piece of chewing-gum, his drug since he stopped smoking sixteen years ago.

In 1991, when he arrived in the lab…

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