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The brazilian society of communication MultTV will use ITS-6 to allow its customers to offer content to pay tv to their Internet subscribers

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LUXEMBOURG, June 6, 2017 — SES (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg stock Exchange: USGE) and MultTV today announced an agreement for capacity on a multiannual that will allow customers of ISPS to MultTV to transmit content from pay-tv to their Internet subscribers via IP. MultTV, a communications company brazilian specializing in video services for service providers, regional Internet of small size, will use capacity in C-band on the SES-6 for the transmission of a bouquet of about 60 channels SD and HD to its clients and ISPS, which will then distribute the content to their subscribers.

This partnership will allow customers of ISPS to MultTV to expand their offerings to subscribers by adding TV content to their broadband services. All TV signals will be transmitted from a headend in the sky ” to customers MultTV, thereby reducing infrastructure costs. The partnership will streamline in addition, the availability of the service, subscribers need only a new decoder.

In order to provide the best content to its customers, MultTV relies on NeoTV, a brazilian association that brings together pay-tv operators of small and medium sizes and supporting its members by negotiating on their behalf access to the television content. As a member of NeoTV, MultTV benefits packages of content negotiated by the association with the content owners, allowing the company to provide content to its customers in a profitable way.

ITS has recently announced a new organisation model with two distinct business units and a strong customer orientation, ITS Video and ITS Networks. ITS Video consolidates all the activities ITS for broadcasting, media and video services. The new entity continues to evolve the technology of linear broadcast, while developing its services and content delivery solutions, end-to-end in order to help its customers capture new opportunities in the value chain of the video in full evolution.

This agreement with MultTV illustrates the approach agnostic of ITS Video when it comes to distribution platforms, as well as its ability to provide any kind of video services, in response to the diverse needs of its customers.

“This contract is unique and very important for the brazilian market as it provides a headend in the sky who will send a package of video content to customers of MultTV throughout the country, including in remote areas,” said Jurandir Pitsch, Vice President Sales Latin America and Caribbean for ITS Video. “Thanks to this project, MultTV will be able to offer more services to its customers and to offer new entertainment and connectivity. ”

“We believe that within a year, 150 of our customers ISP will use ITS-6 to transmit the content of pay television to subscribers,” said Osmir Petrini, associate director of MultTV. “We are excited to work with HER, because we can rely on its satellite infrastructure and reliable know-how to offer the best services to our customers in Brazil. ”

“NeoTV will MultTV to offer the best tv channels to their end customers, thanks to our coverage in over 2,000 cities in Brazil and our long experience in content negotiation with the programmers, producers, and television channels,” said Alex Jucius, Executive Director of NEOTV. “This project offers tremendous opportunities to suppliers of Internet services to small size in Brazil, because it allows them to expand the services they offer to their subscribers. “

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