“It is imperative that the project of université Paris-Saclay to be successful “

Forum. In spite of the big moves around the creation of the university of Paris-Saclay, the finalization of which has been postponed for thirty months for governance reasons, it seems difficult to get in Saclay conditions of excellence of a “cluster” as the Silicon Valley, where researchers and entrepreneurs share the same near work. Due to a cultural clash between the grandes écoles and the universities, because of political conflicts in governance and bureaucracy, this project is still not up to the requirements of global competition.

Indeed, how is it that HEC, and a natural partner on the Saclay plateau, seems to want to develop a dual strategic partnership with Polytechnique and the other with Sciences Po (Paris-based), to the detriment of collaborations proximity in the Paris-Saclay ? Is it a new drop in this project to university world-class ?

Since a decade, we have witnessed a campaign of lobbying on the part of the schools to resist the “marriage” with the universities

For more than ten years, the political power seeks to bring France in the Twenty-first century of research attempting to reduce the gap between prestigious schools and private – a model of a French exception, unique in the world – and public universities.

It is to improve our chances of better appear at the top of the largest universities in the international rankings of type Shanghai by encouraging, by state grants, high schools and universities to come together to form the university of Paris-Saclay, whereas the large size is strength.

But this reasoning is singular, in the measure where the universities world-class are generally small in size ! In addition, the partner institutions of Paris-Saclay, are unanimously of the agreement for benefit…

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