Iranian nuclear : the american withdrawal will support the price of oil

The paradox would be amusing : in announcing its decision to exit the agreement on the iranian nuclear issue, the us president, Donald Trump, is likely to support oil prices… so that he considered to be too high, in a Tweet furious, at the end of April.

The course of the black gold leapt from elsewhere in Asia, Wednesday, 9 in the morning, when they had already returned to high levels. The barrel of crude oil has exceeded $ 76 (64,20 euros) to the highest since November 2014. “A part of the increase is related to the anticipation, which is very strong in the markets, that Trump was going to go back on the agreement, says Francis Perrin, director of research at the Institute of international and strategic relations (IRIS) and an expert of the circles oil. Nothing says that this will stop : it will depend on the extent of u.s. sanctions. “

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