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Paris, July 4, 2017 – Interoute announces its positioning among the leaders in Europe in the Magic Quadrant of Gartner, in the category of Managed Hybrid Cloud Hosting1, for the fourth consecutive year. This annual report provides businesses with an impartial assessment of the strengths and capacities of the suppliers.

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Interoute continues to be a leader among platforms managed infrastructure, with particular attention given to automation, the independence of the user and the portability of applications. The Cloud Fabric of Interoute, unique on the market, simplifies the integration of the accommodation into private cloud, public or traditional, as well as co-hosting, thanks to its software platform. This approach streamlines the strategies for the adoption of the hybrid cloud by bringing together the data on physical equipment, historical with those from containers or cloud services to enterprise applications.
Interoute offers a choice of 13 locations of the cloud hosting in Europe, which, together with areas of Cloud hosting resilient in Asia and the United States. This global coverage makes it possible to host applications closer to users, reducing latency and in accordance with each local law. Interoute has built its hosting platform to the VDC building networks that allow him to offer the free transfer of data from one area to the other.
Customers of Interoute have the possibility to directly connect their ICT infrastructure to more than 300 sites hosting in the world, among which the operators of Data Centres major, via Interoute Connect. The subsidiaries and other branch offices of firms may also be connected to the platform and to the cloud ecosystem in the world through the offer SD-WAN from Interoute.
“Our cloud infrastructure world, combining robustness, security and high performance is designed for both digital businesses and native for traditional businesses wishing to improve their service while remaining compliant with legislation. The ability to integrate legacy environments, the third party and the digital environments on our platform also means that they can build on their past investments while preparing for their transformation to a digital one, ” says Bruno Boucq, Director General France of Interoute.
The report made by the analyst, Tiny Haynes, and co-writing and signed by the analysts Gregor Petri, Giancula Tramacere and Ross Winser, specifies : “The leaders are players who have proven their potential on this market, it is shown that they know how to innovate frequently on their existing products, and clients can rely on them to meet their computing needs of businesses. They have demonstrated their technical skills and their ability to deliver services to a wide variety of clients. They address different types of use with standalone solutions or integrated. They are also present in several european countries and thus meet the needs of data sovereignty.”
The Magic Quadrant for cloud hosting hybrid managed is available here.
More information on Interoute and its digital platform is here.
1 Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Managed Hybrid Cloud Hosting, Europe, June 2017, Tiny Haynes, Gianluca Tramacere, Gregor Petri, Ross Winser.

About the Magic Quadrant
Gartner is completely independent from the companies suppliers, products, and services referenced in his or her studies, and does not recommend users to choose their provider among the best positioned. Studies from Gartner reflect the opinion of the teams of the organization and shall in no case be considered as established facts. Gartner disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to this study, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.
About Interoute
Interoute is the owner of a platform of a cloud services world and one of the most important european networks consisting of 15 data centers hosting 17 Virtual Data Centres, 33 centres of colocation and direct connections on more than 206 Carrier Hotels partners on the three continental plates of Europe – Asia – Americas of the North.
The entirety of its service offerings to a IT unified, caters to multinational corporations as well as the most major telecom companies, to states and to universities.
Interoute supports its customers in their transformation to digital by providing the hybrid infrastructure enables the agility, the sovereignty and control of data, while reducing costs.
Its strategy for an IT unified shows to be attractive for enterprises seeking a platform for secure, scalable, and without coercion, on which they can build their voice, video, computing and data, and for Internet service providers wanting a high-capacity international infrastructure and the transfer of data. Interoute owns and manages 24 metropolitan area networks major among the major european business centres.
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