Internet : “A new divide is emerging between platforms dependent on the AI, and services blockchain decentralized “

Forum. The defenders of privacy on the Internet have not been the dupes of the numbers of Mark Zuckerberg on the 10th of April before both the u.s. Senate and on may 22, before the european Parliament. The billionaire has just admitted the obvious : the platforms do not know how to regulate. But to the question of a us senator on the nature of his business, Zuckerberg replied with an insolent simplicity : “We sell to the pub. “Asked about the rules desirable, hardly has he conceded that the general Regulation on data protection (RGPD), which comes into force in Europe on may 24, offers” a lot of good things.”

the ability to transfer its historical data, as he keeps his mobile telephone number by changing operator, becomes a right

We do not see yet not very well that Facebook can “like” it. The RGPD imposes obligations expensive : to avoid the collections abusive data, it generalizes the consent “clear and explicit” and requires limiting the collection to only the information necessary for the service. It makes it mandatory for the “right to be forgotten” and a register of the data processing, additional cost litigious significant. Finally, the possibility of transferring its historical data, as he keeps his mobile telephone number by changing operator, becomes a law. The sanctions for non-compliance can be up to 4 % of annual turnover. It is a sword of Damocles above the platforms.

Facebook announced that it was not to apply these rules to american users. The Congress, eyes riveted on the mid-term elections in November, did not insist, for fear of calling into question the legitimacy of the election of Trump. Above all, there is no question of weakening the giants of the tech american face to the competition. Because China is now on par with the United States by the number of patents in artificial intelligence…

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