Innovation : the government takes measures to stimulate the start-up

Facilitate the life of researchers, break the locks, regulatory, and redirect public subsidies to the “disruptive innovations” such are the broad lines of the policy of Edouard Philippe in the matter of start-up. Since the Dear where he performs a move of three days near the ” ground “, the prime minister must announce Thursday, may 3, a series of measures on this subject inserted in the act Pact (action plan for growth and business transformation).

Mr. Philippe will first present the operation of the new fund to the innovation of 10 billion euros, including the kick-off was given by the minister of economy, Bruno Le Maire, Monday, 15 January. Each year, this fund will bring between 200 and 250 million in revenue, which will be re-injected into the young shoots in the form of grants. A council for innovation, co-chaired by the minister in charge of the research, Frédérique Vidal, and The Mayor, establish the investment policy. One-third of the sum will be allocated to the young shoots of the “deep tech” (breakthrough innovation), or who develop high-cost technologies and new.

On this balance, $ 55 million will take the form of individual aid distributed by Bpifrance. They come in addition to € 140 million have already been distributed by the public bank of investment each year. Judging these grants too much sprinkled, the government has asked the bank to refocus on the famous ” deep tech “.

Innovation award

In parallel, 15 million euros will go to a contest on innovation managed by the ministry of research. Finally, $ 150 million will fund the “grand challenges” defined by the council at the innovation. The young shoots or consortium, the beneficiaries of the sums will have any latitude to undertake projects as they see fit. In contrast, the operator – the Inserm (institut de la recherche…

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