Innovaclean supported by the social innovation fund of the PACA region

It’s a new step has been taken to Innovaclean. In effect, the social innovation fund of the PACA region (FISO PACA) has chosen the project of this company : assist a sector in crisis, one of the dry cleaners, by proposing a model economy of functionality. She has a loan of € 200,000 at a zero rate.

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The FISO PACA in few words
The PACA Region is one of the eight French regions have put in place a dedicated fund to finance business projects, participating in social innovation and which can demonstrate their economic viability. Co-funded by the State and the Region, the fund is managed by BPI France.
In practice, a selection is carried out in the framework of a call for projects regional standing, including the Regional Agency for Innovation and Internationalization of companies (ARII) provides animation and coordination. The selected companies may then be entitled to interest-free loans or refundable advances.

It is therefore a significant step forward for Innovaclean which also enjoys the support programme, Crescendo, which maximizes the fund-raising of enterprises of the Chemical industry & Materials.

“Make a smile to the dry cleaners” : the social impact of Innovaclean
Innovaclean offers an economy feature that fits perfectly in the concept of social innovation. In effect, it takes into account five dimensions ; the response to new social needs or poorly met, a participatory process, a link between the activity and the territory where it takes place, and an economic model that makes reference to the circular economy and the collective ownership of the value.

The operation is simple : in the face of the prohibition of perchloroethylene, Innovaclean provides a neutral solvent for man and the environment, as well as the dry-cleaning machine developed to use it. In remaining owner of the equipment, and selling only the wash cycles, Innovaclean significantly reduces the costs for customers who no longer have to invest. It is a win-win partnership for all stakeholders.

Innovaclean : an actor of the world of tomorrow
Gwenael Kervajean, Director-General of Innovaclean be satisfied with this new victory : “the Benefit of the FISO materializes the support of institutional actors for a project not only meaningful, but also economically (…) It is a belief intimate and personal : get involved and imagine solutions for the world of tomorrow is necessary. I want to show that an economic actor can make a difference. “.

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