Independence of big business : “The solution must be found in a renewal of the participation “

Forum. Among the problems of French companies, one of the most important is the weakness of the capital structures. Very often, their capital is too dispersed, the lack of be in the hands of groups consistent of shareholders.

Many companies, strong and effective, large or small, fall thus into the hands of foreign capital. Sometimes they are absorbed by competing groups, who appropriate their technology prior to relocate their research centers and their productive activities ; sometimes they are the prey of the investment fund vultures, which have the effect of tearing through the apartment.”

The industrial sector French has disappeared successively from the emblematic names such as Pechiney, Arcelor, Alcatel, and he now sees prestigious firms is to absorb it in pieces, as is the case of Lafarge or Alstom.

Decades of inaction

The weakness of the control over the capital for most of the big companies of the CAC 40, which are held at more than 50 % by foreigners. It concerns also small and medium-sized enterprises, and particularly start-ups succumb very often to the envy of their competitors. It is true that the French authorities are concerned about the situation, after decades of inaction.

In 2014, the decree Montebourg was subject to a prior authorization of the investment in the defence sector, energy, water, transport, electronic communications and public health. This perimeter will be expanded by the law Pact (action Plan for growth and business transformation) of the government of Philip to cover ” essential activities to the warranty of the country in the matter of public order, public security or national defence “.

As useful as they are, these measures will not, however, deal with the scale…

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