Incubator for start-up “Factory 4.0” a 2 e-edition on the IoT with 5 new partners

Paris, June 27, 2017 – Total launches this day, the 2nd edition of the incubator for start-up factory 4.0 and expanded it to accommodate to its sides : Air Liquide, AREVA, Eiffage, Solvay and VINCI Energies. This is the 1st incubator for start-up multicorporate around the “factory 4.0″ in the world. The common objective : accelerating the deployment of digital technologies in the industry. Building on the success of the 1st edition of the incubator for start-ups on the theme of the” Factory 4.0 “, launched by Total in 2016, the Group wished to renew the experience by opening it to other industrial partners, on a thematic closer, around the IoT (internet of things) : the innovative measures in the industrial.

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This approach of open innovation is to detect the start-ups that respond concretely to the operational needs of the business, thanks to solutions measures industrial to be sufficiently mature. It allows start-ups to experiment directly with its potential customers of their technology, product or service. These seedlings benefit from the relationship with the industrial partners of the incubator, and their ecosystems of start-ups. They will also benefit from the expertise of the Total and the whole of the industrial partners.

With the multiplication of sensors and the recent developments in the field of data collection and data management, the operations in the factories and industries can increase efficiency and performance with solutions and other innovative measures. This international call for projects focuses on the theme of connected objects industry on 4 use cases :

 The acoustic detection of leaks or abnormalities
 The monitoring of the corrosion
 Flow measurements via non-invasive instruments
 Indicators of the positions of the manual valves

“Total works in open innovation with start-ups and industrial partners, because we have common issues. Building together digital solutions enables you to accelerate deployment in our factories and industrial sites. The digital solutions are helping to make operations safer, more efficient, and reduce costs. It is a land of opportunity and a competitive challenge strong for the industry and for start-up, ” says Gilles Cochevelou, Chief Digital Officer of Total.

How to apply ?

● Registration via the website :
● Folders can be filed until September 2, 2017
● They will then be shortlisted to be presented to the jury
● The selection committee will announce the name of the first start-up selected in the 4th semester of 2017
● Start-ups selected will be incubated for several months

The jury is composed of managers and experts from Total, Air Liquide, AREVA, Eiffage, Solvay, VINCI Energies and their partner’s Impulse Labs, a specialist in the acceleration of start-ups in the energy world and industry.

During the season 1 of the incubator, all areas of the digital industry was covered by a Total of : robotics, mobility, IoT, cyber security, diagnostics, augmented reality, drones, artificial intelligence… out of the 150 applications received, 24 start-ups were short-listed, and 9 selected to be incubated for about 6 months. The Group was organized so as to provide the process lighter for the collaboration with the start-up with a single point of contact. “Proof of Concept” or pilot projects have been carried out on the industrial sites and some start-ups continue today with the collaboration with Total.

Why participate in an incubator multicorporate ?

“Our participation in the incubator “Factory 4.0” is resonant with our strategy of Digital Transformation, including the management of ecosystems is a major focus,” said Olivier Delabroy, VP Digital Transformation, Air Liquide. “The relationships we have forged and continue to enrich it with start-ups represent an essential part of our b ot tom of open innovation. It is a partnership approach, in the long term, to enable us to accelerate innovation, and Digital Transformation – centred on the uses and the design, in the service of the customer experience. This proximity with the start-up helps us to gain agility and to strengthen expertise required in the execution of projects on various areas, including the IoT. In this regard, we look forward to joining the incubator as Total opens for the first time to outside partners.”

“The topics of Industry 4.0, the theme of the IoT, is the first pillar of our program, transformed it to digital. We have put in place Open Innovation since more than 3 years and are very satisfied with the results. For New AREVA join the business incubator “Factory 4.0″ is part of the lineage of this approach and reflects our desire to involve ourselves even more in programmes of industrial collaboration” indicates Jean-Luc Delcuvellerie, Programme Manager of the Transformation to Digital, New AREVA

“Participating in the platform for the incubation of Total “factory 4.0″ with industrial actors key will enable Eiffage to work within a strong dynamic of open innovation, on issues already identified within the group. The pool of start-up-skilled and the use cases defined will enable us to sustain the deployment of digital technologies in our industrial operations to improve performance, accompanying the group in its transformation to a digital one, ” says Valérie David, Director of sustainable development and innovation transverse Eiffage.

“This collaboration between industry and start-up specialist will help us to identify efficiently the digital needs of our industries and to respond to them. The cutting-edge solutions that can make these start-ups will accelerate the digital revolution which will transform our industrial sites,” says Alain Faessler, Solvay Group General Manager Industrial.

Olivier Albessard, Director of Actemium, the brand of VINCI Energies, dedicated to the industrial process to : “’support for start-ups and experts in a niche allows an agile, crea vity, and a degree of personnalisa one of the solu ons that accelerate our ability to conceive of o res and innovative for the factory of the future. We develop our response capability and our relevance, when the startup is conquering markets that are difficult to reach alone. Our contribution to the incubator’s Total, one of our major industrial partners, will enable us to go even further in this operational approach to co-innovation, in the service of the industrial performance of our client. ”

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About Total
Total is a global group and global energy, a leading oil and gas companies, international, a major player in solar energy with SunPower and Total Solar. Its 98 000 employees are committed to an energy more, more safe, more clean, more efficient, more innovative, and accessible to the greatest number. Present in more than 130 countries, Total makes every effort to ensure that its activities are accompanied by positive effects in the fields of economic, social and environmental.

About Air Liquid
Air Liquide is the world leader in gases, technologies and services for industry and health. Present in 80 countries with approximately 67,000 employees, the Group serves over 3 million customers and patients. Oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen are small molecules essential to life, matter and energy. They embody the scientific area of Air and Liquid are at the heart of the business of the Group since its creation in 1902.

Air Liquide’s ambition is to be the leader of its industry, to be successful on the long term and contribute to a more sustainable world. Its transformation strategy focused on the client’s goal is a profitable growth in the long term. It is based on operational excellence and the quality of the investments, as well as on open innovation and the organisation of a network set up by the Group on a global scale. Thanks to the commitment and inventiveness of its employees to meet the challenges of the energy transition and environmental, health and digital transformation, Air Liquide creates value for all its stakeholders.

The turnover of Air Liquide amounted to 18.1 billion euros in 2016. Its solutions to protect life and the environment represent more than 40 % of its sales. Air Liquide is listed on the Euronext Paris (compartment A) and belong to the CAC 40, EURO STOXX 50 and the FTSE4Good.

AREVA provides products and services with high added value for the functioning of the world’s nuclear power. The group operates on the entire cycle of nuclear power, since the uranium mine to the recycling of the used fuel, through the design of nuclear reactors and services for their operations.

Its expertise, its mastery of the technological processes of the art and its absolute requirement in terms of safety are recognized by electricians around the world.

The 36 000 employees of AREVA are helping build the energy model of tomorrow : to provide the greatest number of energy ever safer, cleaner and more economical.

About Eiffage
Eiffage, a leading european CONSTRUCTION and concessions, carries out its activities through the construction trades, real estate development and construction, civil engineering, the metal and the road, energy and concessions. The Group relies on the experience of more than 63 000 employees and achieved, in 2016, a turnover of 14 billion euros, of which around 20% abroad.

About Solvay
Solvay is a group of chemistry with high added value, committed to the development of products to meet the major societal challenges. The Group innovates in partnership with its customers to create products and sustainable solutions, which are used in various markets such as aerospace, automotive, electronics and health, the batteries, the mining and oil extraction. Materials relief contribute to a more sustainable mobility ; its formulations promote the optimization of resources and its high-performing products that contribute to the improvement of the quality of the air and water. The Group, headquartered in Brussels, employs about 27 000 people in 58 countries. In 2016, Solvay has achieved a turnover of 10.9 billion euros, of which 90 % in activities where it is among the first three groups in the world. Solvay SA (SOLB.BE) is listed on the Euronext stock exchange in Brussels and Paris (Bloomberg : SOLB.BB – Reuters : SOLB.BR) and the United States, his actions (SOLVY) are traded through an ADR program level 1.

About Vinci Energies
Connection, performance, energy efficiency, datas : in a world in permanent evolution, VINCI Energies accelerates the deployment of new technologies to achieve two major changes : the transformation to digital and the transition energy. Rooted in the territories and organized in agile way, the companies of VINCI Energies makes the energy infrastructure, communication and transport, factories as well as buildings each and every day more reliable, more secure, more efficient. 2016 : 10.2 billion € (turnover) // 64500 employees // 1600 / businesses/ 52 countries.

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