Increasing traffic is increased by the BUX this week

Growing traffic increased the week of the Budapest stock exchange index, the BUX Friday 35 503,69 point, finish the trade, 298,27 points, 0,85 per cent higher than the previous week’s closing price at.

This week the stock market turnover 58,0 billion, while the previous week 47,54 billion in value traded, the leader shares in the OTP, with the exception of weakened.

The Equilor Investment Zrt. MTI to sent to stock market analysis says the week is also uncertain international investor sentiment on the trading the world stock markets. Investors continue to fear that the European Central Bank (ECB) will soon begin the asset purchase program reductions, although it is central bankers that repeatedly refuted.

The BUX index has, however, managed to in addition to satisfy the important international indicators, all the OTP’s good performance was due. The bank paper rate on Tuesday morning began to rise after a lapértesülés according to within weeks will determine if the Romanian acquisition, but for now, I’m sure front-runner seems to be the OTP. The financial institution the National Bank of Greece owned by Banca Romaneasca shares at the offer that you want on the Romanian market share of 2.2 percent to 5 percent raise.

The Richter’s sales to come under pressure this week, as the ruble exchange rate significantly weakened, so that the pharmaceutical company from Russia’s revenues, which are the total income for nearly 20 percent of forint counting is expected to decrease.

Magyar Telekom’s exchange rate did not change significantly, however, if the government securities market yields in the next few weeks will continue to rise, the process in the future could have a negative impact on the telecommunications company’s share price, since more investors, the dividend yield for the shares – it is written on.

Mol-about also not received important news, the oil company’s price for several weeks it rained, and then on Wednesday it started a positive turn of events. The Equilor analysis 21 200 huf is located at a key level, if the paper rate above this level can stay so positive in the short-term prospects, in the opposite case, however, may continue the decline.

The blue chips of the highest degree, and 5,03 percent OTP has been strengthened, the Friday’s trading 9505, paragraphs forint finished the week’s traffic of more than 28,27 billion.

The Mol rate was 0.19 percent weaker, on the last day, 21 185 huf, closed, weekly turnover exceeds 8,27 billion huf.

Magyar Telekom’s rate of 0,21 percent lost from the value of the paper 471 huf, and finished the trading week, turnover 1,10 billion.

The Richter rate of 3,83%, Friday’s trading 6796 huf, weekly turnover of over 7,26 billion huf.

The small and medium shares index, BUMIX 2735,29 point closed on Friday, 156,19 points, 6,06 percent higher than a week earlier.

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