In the World of automotive, oems French pioneers of the car of the future

Vast stands well placed in the prestigious hall 1, prototypes, electric, autonomous, hydrogen-powered, without flying, talking, connected, intelligent… The big three automotive oems French – Valeo, Faurecia, Plastic Omnium, are, this year, of the undoubted stars of the World of the Paris Motor show, the international salon of the car which opened its doors to the public on Thursday 4 October.

Yet, there are still a few years, these “stokers” of the automotive industry, which provide billions of parts the factories of cars in the world, were not entitled to such visibility. Or, in any case, do not refer to the same image industries ultra-technological, ultra-advanced, almost to a point in the car of the future that the Renault, Peugeot or Citroën.

“Oems are increasingly seeking to take account of the needs of the final consumer, analysis Grégory Derouet, partner in charge of the automobile at the firm Mazars. Their strategic objective is to position itself higher up in the chain of value of what was yesterday the automobile, and today’s mobility. To achieve this, they seek to identify the needs of the public, in order to convince manufacturers to buy their products. “

A logistics unheard of

“The large living – Paris, Frankfurt, the ces in Las Vegas – are privileged moments, where we communicate on innovations more than usual,” confirms Jacques Aschenbroich, CEO of Valeo, the ninth global automotive supplier and first French with $ 19.4 billion of sales invoiced to the manufacturers, according to the ranking by 2018 Automotive News.

Valeo presents to the World two vehicles to its colors, something rare for a company that does not intend to directly sell cars. The first is a Range Rover with great capacity of automatic driving,…

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