In the United States, a law aims to regulate the entry of e-mails abroad

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, has ratified, Friday, 23 march, a law giving a legal framework for the seizure of e-mails abroad. This topic has been the subject of a long standoff between the authorities and the Microsoft group. The Cloud ” Act “, inserted in the huge finance bill signed by the White House on Friday, allows the u.s. department of justice to sign agreements with other countries to speed up applications of this type in stating that those countries respect the individual freedoms and privacy. This allows you to bypass the long diplomatic process.
Search a home in another country

This text was in particular motivated by the conflict between Microsoft to the us government since 2013, and that the supreme Court had looked with perplexity at the end of February. The case had started in the form of a search warrant requiring the tech giant to hand over the contents of an e-mail account used by a drug dealer presumed.

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