In the heart of Paris, H&M is looking for a new breath

H&M pushes the walls of Paris. While it scrap against Primark, the brand of clothing Swedish must usher in, on Wednesday the 20th of June, a store brand new 5 000 m2 rue Lafayette. She is well aware of this address, where you will press a dense crowd of tourists, Parisians and provincials visiting the capital. It operated two stores.

Stuck between the Spring and the Galleries Lafayette, the first was for immediate neighbours the two Spanish competitors, Mango and Zara. It is part of the first settlements of the brand present in France since 1998. It closes its doors permanently Tuesday, 19 June, to be replaced by another Zara. The second was opened in 2009, in the place of an old store Bouchara. It has just been enlarged to 3,000 m2 additional.

Meanwhile, throughout the territory, in the centre of the city like in the shopping malls, the brand has suffered the tsunami Primark. In particular in the paris region, where the H&M lines up 44 of its 210 stores. The chain of ireland, known for its low prices, is a hit with young people, primary targets of H&M. It draws the crowds. Metz, on the first day of the opening of its store in march, more than 23 000 visitors have been recorded, i.e. double the attendance as usual. In Créteil Soleil, centre commercial du Val-de-Marne that 21 million people attend per year, Primark is the engine that has revived the activity. Since its opening in 2014, the sign would have fed the bond of 25 % of the turnover recorded for the past five years.

“H&M, I go there when I was given a gift card ”

The output of this store huge (8 300 m2), the girls admit that they had let go of H&M to have a preference for “the high and the jeans for 8 euros” of Primark, well that ” the quality [is] not the top.” Because prices have been “increased” since the launch of the…

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