In the Essonne, the coach to open up the territories

It is 6: 50 pm-in this corner of the Essonne located approximately forty kilometres from Paris. Sylvain (all testimonials are anonymous) comes to park his car in the parking lot that is adjacent to the A10 and press the not in the darkness of the morning. He goes to a funny place : a station below the parking lot which will allow him to take a bus directly on the highway to get to the RER station of Massy-Palaiseau.

It is not the only one. It is the rush hour in the train station, motorway of Briis-sous-Forges : a queue of twenty people was formed in the small local. The tail will quickly be absorbed. Every five minutes, a new car arrives on the lane separated highway that allows him to stop. Precisely, here’s one : this one is double-stage to absorb even better the flow of passengers which grows each minute. The doors of the station locked when the bus is not there – open and the passengers embark to their place of work or study.

Welcome on the line 91.03 of the department of the Essonne, which part of Dourdan, and performs a thirty miles mainly on the motorway to reach Massy. Every morning and evening, thirty of departures in the peak period (between 6 and 9 o’clock and between 16 hours and 19 hours), providing nearly 1 500 people to make, every day, round-trip. A frequency equivalent to that of a tram. In total, 300 buses travel this route daily.

Unique in Europe

The experience was nothing new. The connection exists since the 1990s and the railway station, the motorway was established in 2006. But it remains extremely original in France. Direct access to the motorway for the passengers is even unique in Europe. Especially, at a time when the government has decreed the priority given to transportation of daily life, at a time when the Foundations of the mobility is in full swing in order to find solutions…

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