In the EBRD, the Budapest Airport’s financial transformation program

A hundred million € contribution of the European Reconstruction and development Bank (EBRD), the Budapest Airport’s financial transformation programme.

The central and eastern european economies and the former soviet region, the transformation of finance in 1991, created by london’s financial institutions Friday description, according to the contribution to a total of 1,32 billion € financing package aimed at the Liszt Ferenc airport operator company 2019 and 2020 end of due current liabilities-portfolio of change and maturity structure of the extension.

The EBRD london headquarters indicated that the bank’s senior – senior – bond by issuing a switch on a hundred million euro for the Budapest Airport financial átstrukturálási program.

Sue Barrett, the EBRD’s transport development programmes, responsible director of the program description stated: the financial package, the EBRD intends to stimulate the new capital market structures are established, providing the adult infrastructure development programmes for, in addition to develops the state and the private sector in the cooperation of building programs (PPP) secondary market transactions and improving Budapest Airport’s operational performance.

The EBRD is the since its inception it’s been more than a quarter of a century, almost 3 billion euros disbursed 175 hungary development programme.

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