In South Korea, the mystery of the BMW that caught fire

The burning of a quarantine of BMW in South Korea since the beginning of the year raised a wave of concern, fanned by the circulation on the Internet of videos of burning vehicles. To such A point that some car parks refuse vehicles of the German mark, lest they cause a fire.

The authorities come in addition to provisionally prohibit flow of 20 000 BMW that have not undergone safety testing. According to the news agency south Korean Yonhap, a thousand owners of vehicles of this brand have filed a complaint against the manufacturer, requiring the opening of a criminal investigation. The fire engines have not led to any other damages, other than hardware.

This series of fires has led police to conduct a search, Thursday, August 30, at the headquarters of the local German firm, Hwaseong, southwest of Seoul. The investigators, who confiscated documents, are looking into whether the company tried to conceal manufacturing defects.

Recall that large-scale

The vehicles, which have been examined with particular care by thirty local and foreign experts are sedans models 520 and 320 diesel. The survey aims to establish the causes of the fire, which écornent the reliability of the vehicles of the German brand, which in the opinion of south korea.

Since the beginning of the summer, BMW Korea has recalled 106,000 in diesel vehicles of different models. The problem is not specific to the country, stressed the constructor. Thus, in Europe, 323 700 diesel vehicles (23 of which 500 in France) have been recalled in August to be inspected. This movement of great magnitude on the Old Continent is no stranger to fires that occurred in South Korea.

Relatively small for a BMW, the south Korean market is no less promising. In fact, six of imported cars on ten are of German brand. BMW, which has sold 39 000 vehicles in South Korea in the first half, is the second largest automotive brand in…

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