In slovenia, up to 2030, the cars sixth hybrid or electric cars would be replaced up

In slovenia so far 1200 hybrid or electric cars were registered, the government’s national energy plan at the same time, these cars until 2030 the conventional-powered vehicles sixth change would be up, he wrote in the local press on Tuesday.

In slovenia, the country as a whole in the area of 470 electric charging stations, well distributed over the roads. Experts say, however, if by 2030 200 thousand electric cars will be in the country, then ten years within the 20-thousand charging stations must be established in Slovenia. It is considered that the development of technology and the electric car sales in the world does not proceed so fast, that twenty years within out of the way from the gasoline – and diesel-fuelled cars.

The car traders based in Slovenia decreased for the diesel cars demand, while the overall increase in new car sales.

The year’s first six months of a 45-thousand-258 new car sold, which is 13,33 percent more than last year in the same period.

According to the data, in Slovenia, the Volkswagen brand is the market leader, followed by the Renault and Skoda.

In June 8754 vehicle sold, that is 19,7% more than last year in the same month. Electric and hybrid cars 148 sold in the sixth month, the most Toyota models (Toyota C-HR and Toyota Auris RAV4).

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