In paris, Sodexo and the MAIF focuses on the “short” car-pool “

It is a small market, but it is of prime interest to urban areas to get rid of the plugs and reduce the place of cars. The “short” car sharing ” has the wind in its sails for several years, but about twenty of the players on this promising market niche, none has yet actually found a sustainable business model.

Klaxit, however, believes that he has won the Grail. The former WayzUp, one of the pioneers in the market of home-work journeys, announced, Wednesday, 7 February, a new fundraising of € 3 million to develop. This amount appears modest in the light of the announcement, by the end of 2017, a fund raising of 16 million euros by the entrepreneur Jean-Baptiste Rudelle for Less, a new start-up carpool a short distance.

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