In Morocco, the conquest of the Ivory Coast

Karim Tazi is a happy boss. Director of Richbond, a group of moroccan bedding, is on the point of opening a factory in Abidjan, the economic capital of the Ivory Coast. “Almost the whole team – 110 people – will be côte d’ivoire “, welcomes there, relaxed on the terrace of a chic hotel in Abidjan. He launched the project in 2015 (€12 million) and inaugurated on 18 000 m2 are covered. “A middle class is emerging that will want to sleep well. The Ivory Coast is the gateway to the entire sub-region. “The head of the company, often critical of the policy in Morocco, admits :” It is the impulse very strong king who has encouraged us to consider Africa. We would not have done it without it. “

Since 2010, the kingdom morocco reaffirms its africanness, and has made sub-saharan Africa his new field of expansion. Mohammed VI himself has criss-crossed the continent to strengthen the economic and political linkages with its african peers. The offensive in Ivory Coast is spectacular : in 2015, Morocco became the first foreign investor, ahead of France. “The moroccan State is at its highest level supports this dynamic, because it is part of its african strategy,” emphasizes Karim Tazi.

In the centre of Abidjan, the area around the bay of Cocody give an overview of what Côte d’ivoire is for the strategy of moroccan in Africa. All around the lagoon, giant billboards announced the forthcoming rehabilitation of the bay. Hit the flags of morocco and côte d’ivoire, they present to the visitor the radical transformation that should know this backwater polluted. The project, if it is completed, will change the face of the city. This is in large part a “gift” from Morocco to the Ivory Coast.

“It creates jobs ”

“During his visits, his majesty the king is often spent in front of the…

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