In Las Vegas, the French start-up Oledcomm brings the Internet of light at the connected city

It is a table lamp articulated ordinary, white aluminum… and it is much more than that. Beyond its LED light is soft, the intensity and heat variables, the lamp provides the first general public use of Internet connection by light (LiFi). MyLiFi, developed by the French company Oledcomm, which has been awarded with two innovation awards, in the categories of “smart cities” and ” technology for a better world “, at the Consumer Electronics Show (ces) in Las Vegas, which closes Friday, January 12, in the city of Nevada.

The lamp is supplied with power and network through an ethernet jack. Just plug a small USB receiver to their computer, and is connected to the Internet wirelessly and without the electromagnetic waves. It is the modulation high-frequency signal of light emitted by the LED is invisible to the eye, which transmits the data, up to 23 megabits per second.

“Until now, the LiFi has only been used in office buildings, with overhead lighting,” says Benjamin Azoulay, general manager of this start-up is a result of the work of its chairman, Suat Topsu, a researcher at the university of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, Vélizy, france, where it is still housed. Two obstacles could hinder a deployment the general public : the computer must be under the lamp, to 2 meters at the most. And the price is prohibitive : 899 euros.

“We are the only ones on this niche LiFi ”

But the issue is beyond that, for Benjamin Azoulay : “The lamp, it is a nice product demonstration. The future of the company, what are the urban applications based on the communication, with smartphones as the camera can read the data transmitted by the luminous flux. “Oledcomm wants to develop the use of technology such as information system of the connected city.

The company has experienced for the RATP, in the station Defense, a guidance system based on LiFi…

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