In June, decreased China’s trade surplus

In June, the chinese export and import is also expected to a greater degree increased the foreign trade surplus was decreased compared to the previous year, but slightly above the forecasts – find out the chinese national statistical office on Thursday published report.

In June, China 196,6 billion dollars in exported goods, to 11.3 percent in 2016. June above. In the previous month of 8.7 percent, the export annual growth, the market an equivalent amount of rise expected. Chinese exports in June, the fourth consecutive month it rose.

The imports from a year earlier, compared with 17,2 percent increase in June 153,8 billion dollars. In may 14,8% import annual growth, in June and 13,1 percent increase they expected in the analysis. In June, the eighth consecutive month of increased chinese imports.

In June 42,77 billion dollar trade balance surplus books, China, small one in 2016. June 45,16 billion dollar surplus, but a little bigger in the analysis are expected by 42,44 billion dollars. In may 40,79 billion dollars, China’s foreign trade surplus.

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