In France, the disturbing traffic from “fake” drugs

We are at the airport of Roissy, one of the largest hub airports of the planet. Each month, the aircraft cargo route to the hangar of The Position of the millions of folds and parcels, from all over the world. The big mail bags multicolor are unpacked on treadmills for a first tri. In a corner of the hangar, an enclave screened porch welcomes the position of the customs officers, a team of twenty people tasked to intercept suspicious shipments.

On one of the two large tables where they are inspected packages, dozens of blisters waiting to be labeled. These drugs ordered illegally on the Internet, come in large majority from India, China and Thailand. In 2016, 41 800 packages of drugs were seized, 1.5 million tablets. In 2017, in the first ten months of the year, customs officers had intercepted 22 330 shipments, or a little more than 800 000 tablets. Roissy, which pass more than 2 million tons of packages and freight, is the first door entry of these products.

In jacket blue, two customs officers, a review of the seizures of the day. “Over time, we all know the package,” says Pascal Metzger, regional inspector of customs, who directs operations at Roissy. On the labels, the names of the manufacturers is often not even concealed, and the customs officers on the spot quickly : Vea Impex, Combitic Global Caplet, Fortune Healthcare… In the blister silver, diamonds, multicolored part of the suspects. These are copies of Viagra or Cialis – the two treatments against the malfunctions of erection, the drugs most copied in the world.

Ten times more profitable than heroin

In addition to these best-sellers, the catch of the day has allowed customs to get your hands on antibiotics, corticosteroids, anticancer drugs or abortion pills. “We have recently seen the arrival of Levothyrox,” says…

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