In Davos, Trump up the dollar, attack the Palestinians and trying to seduce the bosses

The american president Donald Trump at his arrival to Davos, 25 January 2018 (Photo Fabrice COFFRINI. AFP)

In a few hours, it was back to the dollar, ulcerated Palestinians and sought to sell the “America first” to a bunch of big bosses: Donald Trump has made on Thursday, arriving with fanfare in Davos

And he no doubt is still building suspense before his speech due Friday at 13: 00 GMT.

The first american president to visit since Bill Clinton at the great annual mass of capitalism is especially used Thursday to douse the fire started by his administration on the foreign exchange market.

“I want to see a strong dollar,” said Mr. Trump in the chain CNBC from the world economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland), on the grounds that the recent statements of his secretary of State to the Treasury Steven Mnuchin touting the benefits of a weak dollar had been “taken out of context”.

The greenback, which had been greatly weakened, is to be immediately reassembled after the release of the excerpt of this interview, to reassure trading partners of the United States, already ready to shout to the currency war.

“Don’t play with the parities” of currencies, was put in custody Thursday, the French Finance minister Bruno Le Maire.

Without giving a name, the boss of the european central Bank, Mario Draghi, him, blasted “communication” of this “other person” who “does not conform to the terms agreed,” since “decades” in terms of foreign currency.

A weak dollar and strong euro – it difficult for european exporters, even those that Donald Trump is working to seduce them.

In fact, he has dined on Thursday with a bunch of CEOS of multinational corporations such as Total (PA:TOTF) (France), Siemens (DE:SIEGn) (Germany) and Nestlé (SIX:NESN) (Switzerland).

“In deciding to come to Davos (…) I thought about the many people who want to invest a lot of money and they are all in the process of returning to the United States,” he said on CNBC, praising us growth and the records of Wall Street.

Donald Trump had done in the early afternoon, an entrance memorable in the Congress center of the very chic ski resort.

– Autograph –

Big bosses, bankers and politicians flocked to photograph it with their smartphones.

A fervent admirer exulted to have got an autograph, another wondered if “we can throw things at it?”. “I have an apple in my bag,” offered its neighbour.

The NGO Greenpeace, together with other organizations, has organized its own welcome committee. Slogans apostrophant the american president on his climate policy or its diatribes against the migrants – “Justice for people and the planet” – have been projected on the snow-capped mountains.

The us president has also had two bilateral meetings in the afternoon.

First, with the First british minister Theresa May, with the intention obviously to pay off several months of falling out between the two allied countries.

Donald Trump has spoken of his “immense respect” for the one he has in the past attacked with virulence on Twitter (NYSE:TWTR).

Theresa May has abounded in its meaning: “it was a great pleasure to see you”.

– “Danger for the world” –

Donald Trump has also had a warm meeting with the israeli Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and is strongly supported palestinian leaders, who have snubbed last week a visit of the american vice-president Mike Pence.

“We have a lack of respect,” said Mr. Trump. “We gave them hundreds of millions” and “this money will be paid unless they sit down and negotiate the peace”, under the auspices of the United States.

The response was quick: “Refuse to meet your oppressor, this is not disrespect, it is respect for yourself”, said to AFP Hanane ashrawi, initially signalled their high leader of the Organization for the liberation of Palestine (PLO).

What costume will so Donald Trump for his speech on Friday? The billionaire among billionaires of Davos, who appreciate his recent lower corporate taxes?

Or that of the spokesman for “America first”, which borst free trade, and is never stingy in invectives even on the subjects of geo-political the most sensitive?

The opinion of the billionaire speculator George Soros is already made: in its annual dinner, one of the most popular events at Davos, it has pourfendu the administration Trump, “a danger to the world”.

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