“In business, religious facts are mostly little issues “

Forum. Religion and religious facts are settled in the daily life of the French companies. In 2018, according to the results of the annual survey of the Observatory of the religious fact in the company (carried out in partnership with the Institute Randstad), nearly two companies out of three are experiencing these issues at frequencies various : on a daily basis for some, just a few times per year for other.

the religious fact in the work is less confrontational and interferes little in the operation of the company

However, what was still outstanding there are a dozen years is now commonplace. What are the consequences ? How do these facts and behaviors impact the functioning of the organization, the conduct of the work and the relationships between people ? A first important element that emerges from the survey is that religious work is less confrontational and interferes little in the operation of the company.

Half the time, an act or conduct having a religious character there is no action or reaction on the part of colleagues or managers. When this is the case it is most of the time to respond to a request for an absence or modification of the planning justified by the wish to attend a religious festival or to respect a rite. These decisions are also the most often accepted by the employees and do not give rise to conflict and blockages in less than 10 % of the cases.

A good grasp of the issues

The survey also says that other subjects, for example politics or personal life, generate more tensions at work as religion. Thus the fact of religion, understood as a global phenomenon is at once banal, present in the majority of companies, and little disruptive. It generates rarely managerial interventions or conflicts between colleagues and with management. It interferes somewhat with the proper operation of the organization,…

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