Improved slightly on the consumer sentiment in the euro area in August

Improved somewhat consumer confidence in August in the euro area – turned out the European Commission on Wednesday published a preliminary quick estimation of.

The sentiment index is 0.2 points to minus 1,5 points increased the bloc’s 19 countries. Analysis mild deterioration, a minus of 1.8 points expected in July to minus 1.7 to and the June to minus 1,3 point.

The European Union’s 28 member states remained stable in July with the same level, minus 2,3 point stagnant, the consumer confidence index.

The European Commission’s economic and finance directorate-general (DG ECFIN) on a monthly basis information 23 a thousand household telephone ask based. The response scale of minus 100 and 100.

The euro index long-term average of minus 12,19 points, the index’s record 2,20 points in may 2000, while minus 34,60 exact historic low of during the financial crisis, in march 2009.

The euro area’s GDP, more than half of the residential consumption.

The final data on August 30 told the ECFIN.

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