iGi Partners becomes the 1st First Provider Holacracy

Come participate in a conference on pioneer of Holacracy held on 19 June in Paris at NUMA, Brian Robertson, co-inventor of Holacracy, the CEO of HolacracyOne, and author of the book The Revolution Holacracy took the opportunity to announce the designation of iGi Partners as the Premier Provider of Holacracy. A nice recognition for this pioneering company has already managed to convince more than 50 companies in France.

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Paris, June 27, 2017 – Founded in 2008 by Bernard Marie Chiquet, the company iGi Partners was able to build and deploy, as soon as 2010, while the potential of Holacracy, an organizational system revolutionary who proposes to break with the classical model says pyramid. Already first Licensed Holacracy Provider since 2011, iGi Partners helps companies to put in place an organizational structure that is simple, transparent, without power games, able to adapt to change and to allow each person to unleash its potential.

In addition to this new agreement, which is of iGi Partners, the 1st First Provider in the world, Brian Robertson and Bernard Marie Chiquet have also announced the signing of a new partnership that makes the French company the sole authority to train practitioners and coaches in Holacracy in the French-speaking countries.

“Bernard Marie and me are working since more than 8 years. The development of Holacracy in Europe, and in France in particular, owes him a lot. By deploying this new management system in already more than 50 companies, he has significantly contributed to its success, and permit the advance. Because Holacracy is a system of learning, not a new theory. It is the result, and the addition of practices that tend towards the self management, ” says Brian Robertson.

“We are particularly proud and pleased to be the trusted brand that we have once again Brian and HolacracyOne naming us as the 1st Premier Provider of Holacracy in the world,” said Bernard Marie Chiquet. “The outlook for the months and years to come are especially exciting. Many businesses are wondering now about the possibilities of progress offered by Holacracy through an organization based on a mode of governance, agile, resilient, transparent, based on a collective intelligence and a distributed leadership “.

About IGI Partners :
Created in 2008 by Bernard Marie Chiquet, IGI Partners broadcasts, in France, in Europe and in Quebec, a new technology management : Holacracy. Through accompaniment, training and coaching, iGi Partners brings an innovative response to companies wishing to move towards a model of organisation and governance, enabling them to gain in efficiency, agility and transparency, while relying on collaborators empowered and fulfilled.
For more information : www.igipartners.com

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