“I have been the wife of a railroader “

Forum. I have been the wife of a railroader. I followed, every three years, job transfers and is therefore known at each movement position, the unemployment, the insecurity in my own professional journey. Being a railroader, it is the acceptance of mobility, is to sleep in homes rather than at home, it is clear the railway track under the snow and in the cold, is to check the daily security of the hardware, the functionality of the equipment, the safety of the travelers. It’s keeping despite any courtesy when, sitting comfortably and warm, a traveller rattle after ten minutes late.

Beyond this news unsettling about the so-called privileges of the railroad worker, the pensioner, the official – who is also a registered nurse exhausted, a police officer is suicidal, a teacher overwhelmed, a researcher on insecurity – it is how the society, our community, takes care of the fragility.

The hopeless decadence of humanity

When you think about lowering the age of sexual maturity of the children, when you let dying in their excrement all of our veterans, when we find at the morning of men and women died of cold, I have a doubt on our civilization, too many echoes of the barbarism. In this ideology of success, of the standard, of superman, of merit, first on the rope… we are close to this idea of the superior man, by his rank, his merit, and, why not, its DNA. We are close to the ideology of a superior class, by their social rank, their capital, their intelligence… It was like a repetition of what has fostered the chaos and the crime there was not so long ago.

The others, the slackers, the assisted, the disabled, the old, the children, are worth nothing. Be useful to ideology, to the submission by the work, by the credit, by the terror of finishing frozen on a sidewalk, limit our thinking, our intelligence, our sanity, our courage to rebel against this competition between…

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