Hugues Jallon would become the new boss of the editions of the Threshold

The alliance the most anticipated of the year in the edition between Media Participations (Dargaud, Dupuis, Le Lombard, Fleurus, Rustica , Family Christian) and the group La Martinière (The Threshold, Abrams, editions de la Martinière) is not yet sealed as the game of musical chairs seems to be well engaged. According to information of the World, the CEO of the editions of the Threshold, Olivier Bétourné, 66 years, would be replaced soon by Hugues Jallon, the current CEO of editions La Découverte (Editis).

The directions of the two groups, who intend to give birth to the third actor of the French edition, after Hachette Livre and Editis, had, Friday, November 24, neither confirmed nor denied this information, which was initially expected to be announced in mid-December, after the merger. For its part, The Discovery belied.

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