How to control your costs related to the credit card

Once you set your annual contribution, the use of the bank card for your transactions for the day is free. At least for your payments, whether purchases are online or at a merchant, using the function without contact or typing in your pin.

But be careful, free is less and less for cash withdrawals at the atm (DAB). As a result, many banks charge 1 euro per withdrawal beyond the third, fourth, or fifth withdrawal per month in the ATM of another bank.

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Credit card abroad : the good strategy to limit costs

Objective : to encourage customers to withdraw cash from a cash house. Thus, LCL invoice 1,05 euro from the 4th withdrawal in a foreign distributor, as the Banque Populaire Occitane. Please note, The Postal Bank bill of 0.65 euro per withdrawal from the 4th withdrawal per month and the Credit agricole du Nord-est picks 0,50 euro from the 3rd withdrawal.

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