How SNCF Network wants to become a business like any other

It is a small detail that says a lot about the mutations at work in the SNCF Network : in the month of July, the department access network of the manager of the national railway infrastructure has permanently changed the name. This part of the business entrusted to organize and charge for the movement of trains on the routes are now referred to as management clients and services. The nuance of semantics illustrates the logic of the strategic plan of transformation of the SNCF Network, unveiled by its CEO, Patrick Jeantet on Thursday, September 6 : “to Become a full-fledged company. “

Baptized Nouvel’R (” R ” as the network), the plan had been the subject of a first explanation of the text this summer regarding the new organization of this major branch of SNCF, responsible to build, maintain, and make available to railway operators of the 30,000 kilometres of French railways. The goal was to first break the old building trades were silos sealed. It has been replaced by a new system of governance ordered around process (industrial, commercial, managerial, etc.).

The organization being installed, place now to the doctrine. “Our fundamental goal is to prepare the network of the future to regain market share for the rail mode, the only one to allow a mobility-mass carbon,” says Mr. Jeantet. To do this, we must reduce the structural costs of the infrastructure to be able to lower the price of tolls, while improving the service provided to railway undertakings. “

Control costs

The approach is part of the logic of the ” covenant of the railway “, this wide-ranging reform of the SNCF passed by the Parliament at the beginning of the summer despite a three-month strike. In this framework, the SNCF Network became the great organizer of the competition future of the rail operators required by the legislature. The public institution is transformed in society…

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