High-speed rail transport connects from next year, London and Scotland

High-speed rail transport to tie together next year in London and Scotland, more than one line significantly shortened the travel time.

The Virgin train company in the high technology specialized in Hitachi japan company cooperation develops the new service, which forty-year-old trains replace. The Azuma name of fittings, one of Wednesday’s test was the first railway tracks the train in Doncaster and Dunbar between way.

Maximum – hour is approximately 200 miles – traveling at the speed of the train was 22 minutes for four hours shortens the London and Edinburgh between the 666-mile trip. The Virgin Train East Coast train company is different, for example the british capital and Aberdeen as well as London and Inverness and London and Glasgow between flights even more shortened and duration of the trip.

The testing Azuma (japanese report: eastern) of the day in Glasgow and Aberdeen and Inverness have also run into.

The Virgin 65 train put into operation. The azuma and Japan they designed it, but in the north east of england Durham near construction. The trains of some of the all-electric will be in this traffic and then to Edinburgh and Glasgow -while others diesel to be able to change. These will be used in the north of Edinburgh on the lines which have not yet done elektromossá.

The Virgin and the Hitachi between negotiations about the train’s maximum speed per hour 225 miles above increase.

The Azuma-fleet by the london King’s Cross station in capacity of 28 percent in women and during peak hours.

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