Have we exceeded the taylorism ?

Chronic Phil cur. Reform of the SNCF, Pole employment, pensions, vocational training… in recent times, the public authorities are much interested in the world of work and its mutations, including those related to the progress of artificial intelligence. Thus, it seems to me that it is not necessary to see a series of “coups” in political and media, but an overall logic, a true vision of the adaptation of society to the new requirements of the market.

A question arises, however : these requirements are they actually ” new ” ? Far from the discourse pertaining to the ” disruption “, “start-up” and other “management by project” seeking to impose the idea that we have left the ” old world “, let’s look at the hypothesis that these changes have not take place only on the surface, so that the structural organization of the work is modelled on the industrial model of the early Twentieth century.

From the factory to the hospital

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