Has Wall Street, the potential output of a Tesla raises doubts

Three days after, the announcement always raises so many questions. In a series of messages posted on Twitter, the founder and boss of Tesla, Elon Musk, stated, Tuesday, 7 August, that it intended to remove the company from the stock Exchange. But since then, the electric car-maker has not provided more details. This silence is fueling the skepticism of Wall Street, where many doubt the feasibility of this operation outside the norm, and also arouses the interest of authorities u.s. exchange.

According to Mr. Musk, a withdrawal of the rating would allow Tesla to ” remain focused on [its] long-term vision “, immune to fluctuations in the Stock price. For example, the company will no longer have to publish its financial results each quarter or to be accountable to the analysts, against which its leader was away in may (he had refused to respond to questions deemed to be “boring” and ” stupid “). In addition, it will no longer have to worry about ” short sellers “, investors are betting on the fall of his action.

The operation promises to be complex. Elon Musk has set the repurchase price of the shares to 420 dollars (about 360 euros), 23% higher than the closing price of Monday. This adds value to the constructor to $ 72 billion. The cost of a withdrawal would, however, be lower, because the leader holds nearly 20% of the capital. In addition, he hopes to convince the major shareholders to retain their participation. The invoice could be reduced by half.

On Twitter, Mr. Musk has guaranteed that the funding was ” insured “, but made no accuracy. According to Reuters, even the board of directors of Tesla, which is to meet next week, has no knowledge of its projects. A debt financing, as had been done by the computer manufacturer Dell in 2013, seems unlikely. “Tesla may not…

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