Has Nice, in a laboratory at the forefront of the research on financial risk

A computer room all that there is more classical, with rows of computers placed on desks white. At the entrance, a library full of textbooks in economics, math, financial and statistical information, among which the famous Continuous-Time Finance (Ed. Wiley-Blackwell, 1992, not translated) of Robert Merton, Nobel Prize in economics in 1997.

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Not a fly that flies. Just mouse clicks and the sounds of fingers typing on a keyboard. Welcome to the Edhec Risk Institute (ERI), laboratory of research in finance opened in 2001 on the campus of nice of the school of commerce of lille. The ERI, which is dedicated to the management of assets and management of financial risks, brings together 53 professors, research engineers, research associates and faculty affiliates.

Lines of code

Leaning, head between hands, the director of research at the Vincent Milhau, costume, night blue and impeccable round glasses in metal, runs through the latest issue of The Journal of Fixed Income (JFI), in which he has published an article on the State bonds. Behind him, a young man sitting in front of a double screen deals with series of numbers endless in Excel tables. “I am taking the value of market capitalization over several decades, and I do calculations using lines of code,” explains the researcher. Not just for the love of the equations, he says : “We are working on the development of new solutions for savings that would enable the French to secure a replacement income for their retirement. “

“Our work aims to document the risk to help the industry. “Felix Goltz, head of applied research

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