Has Francazal, test tracks to levitate the train Hyperloop

Link Paris to Marseilles in forty-five minutes, Los Angeles to San Francisco in half an hour, Toulouse at Montpellier, in barely the time to drink a coffee. Out of the imagination of Elon Musk, the inventor and billionaire who wants to revolutionise transport in space and on the Ground, the Hyperloop is a train that can run, or rather levitate, and over 1 200 km/h.

And it was in Toulouse, on the basis of Francazal that the california-based company, Hyperloop TT was chosen in January 2017 to set up its centre of european research and development in order to develop this transport of the future. Launched in “Open source” or patent is open, the idea stirs the engineers of all stripes. Levitation electromagnetic, and air cushion on skates, skis, a magnetic field created by induction motors… On the synthetic images provided by the companies that are entered in the race, just watching, and until now, long tubes and their caps inside, planted on high poles. Secret and battle an economic force, the players argue masked.

And Bibop Gresta, one of the two leaders of the project Hyperloop TT, with former NASA SpaceX or Boeing, announced speeds of more than 1 000 km/h and of the agreements signed with Australia or Abu Dhabi. But on the 26th of April, the emirate stated, ” to deny the validity of the announcement of the company of technology of transport Hyperloop TT[HyperloopTransportation Technology] on the first train line ultra-fast links the airport to Abu Dhabi than Dubai, Al-Maktoum “. This is Hyperloop One (formerly called Hyperloop Technology Inc.), that was achieved in mid 2016 a first test greatness nature in Nevada.

The first development work on the site

On the other hand, Transpod, a start-up canada, announced the presentation of its prototype in the month of September 2016. As to SpaceX, the firm’s space of Elon Musk, it ” is not…

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