Hacking massive data to the court

The officers of the company, Adwin, an SME of Aigues-Mortes (Gard), are collapsed. The company, established in 1995, manages in particular the most important e-mail in France for the legal professions through Avocatline.fr a trademark registered with the French Association for Internet naming in cooperation (Afnic). However, we have just call them to notify them that the domain name Avocatlime.fr – almost similar to part of the ” m “in place of” n ” – had been created. “Nobody informed us of this. It is maddening, ” annoys Alain Laffont, manager. He was worried about. What is this domain name he could use ?

We have the answer : this is the address – and many others – has been used in the context of a large-scale hacking of data targeting… the French courts. Incredible. In fact, according to our information, the grafts of the French courts have received, for months, thousands of e-mails from senders fictitious, pretending to be lawyers or academics, thanks to the Internet address approximate, such that Avocatlime.fr.

“We have been alerted, in 2017, for the grafts to an influx of claims from false addresses. We have given instruction not to answer, and these practices have not resumed in 2018 ” confirms the Council of State, the head of the administrative court.

This reminds us of these phishing scams, designed to extract information to individuals thinking that they are responding to Apple, BNP Paribas and EDF. In this case, the scammers want to get their hands on the passwords of the victims. Then what the hell was this campaign – the so-called “typosquattage” – with grafts ? Recover valuable legal decisions. Because, if the judgments, opinions and other rulings rendered by the various courts are, in theory, public, this does not mean that they are accessible.

“Lack of resources ”

“The grafts…

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