Hachette Livre, the nugget of the kingdom Lagardère

It is on the shoulders of an old lady of 192 years, Hachette Livre, that are the main hopes of a Lagard * re group has refocused on the edition and the shops in train stations and airports. Referring to the may 3 at the annual general meeting of the company, the business Edition, Arnaud Lagardère has been termed the ” engine of growth “. In the rewarding of a special mention, since it promises ” an ambition that is very special “. “I see, well this group to be a leader in the publishing or travel retail “, said the leader of the group.

Strong 150 publishing houses, this subsidiary has acquired a status as essential within the Lagardère group, since it represented, in 2017, 32.4 per cent of sales but more importantly, 52 % of the operating income of its parent. Despite a growth is rather weak (+1.1% in consolidated data in 2017), but an operating margin significantly higher (9,2 %) other business activities of the Lagardère group, the publication division has established itself as a subsidiary both desirable and indéboulonnable in the eyes of Arnaud Lagardère.

In fifteen years, with the stroke of a series of acquisitions, under the leadership of Arnaud Nourry, CEO of Hachette Livre, the venerable house has risen from the eleventh to the third largest in the world, behind number one in the Pearson, which is followed closely by Penguin Random House. A path successful while remaining true to the French roots of the editor. While it was planned to rename the publishing division Lagardère Publishing, this name has been withheld for financial communication. Mr. Nourry was keen to keep the historical name of Hachette Livre for the general public anywhere in the world. In France, behind this banner, publishers, famous : Grasset, Fayard, Calmann-Lévy, Stock, Hatier, Larousse, paperback, les éditions Albert René…

17 000 new releases per year

The group publishes annually more than 17 000 new. Best-sellers signed J. K….

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