Groupama joins jcdecaux live to promote its new insurance homeowners

In order to support Groupama in his speech on his new multi-risk household insurance, JCDecaux Live is installed in Place of Lorraine, Angers, a device event featuring risks which may cause far more damage than we think.

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“You can not imagine all that can happen to your home “. It is with this slogan that Groupama, one of the leaders of the insurance sector in France, wished to draw the attention of the Angevins on Saturday, 10 June. On the Place of Lorraine, privatized for the occasion, a bridge scenic replicating the facade of a house with 3 entry gates equipped with a doorbell and a doormat, has been installed. Behind each of them, a catastrophe more or less likely, evidenced by the teams from JCDecaux Live :
– Door # 1 : the fire. By opening this door, passers-by discovered a fire and trigger an alarm very sound and a smoke machine ;
– Door # 2 : case sensitive. To arouse amazement, this situation was represented by the photo, in an apartment, an elephant whose barrissement was disseminated at each door opening ;
– Door # 3 : the flood. An apartment flooded was posted behind the door and a true water damage made it even more realistic this device for maximum impact.
Two hostesses distributed flyers and aroused the curiosity of the public by inviting them to discover what lies behind these mysterious doors.
Through this device installed in only 4 hours, thanks to the know-how and experience of the teams from JCDecaux Live, Groupama wished to draw the attention of passers-by and educate them on the many risks to which their property may be facing. The fire, the breakage and the flood were, of course, that examples !

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