Grain growers; the deviation is large, the yield in the harvest half-way point with you

There are large variations in grain yield in the harvest half-way point with you; the crop quality is good, but the quantity may not in the last year from – communicated to the wheat growers national Association (GOSZ) president, told MTI on Monday.

Vancsura József tell you: the extreme weather conditions significantly influenced the yield; in many places damaged the grain inland, ice or drought. As an example, he mentioned the wheat, where it was per acre to 3.1 and 9,0 ton yield. The crop quality is good, the wheat was approximately 60 percent of meal quality.

The farmers of the winter wheat and rapeseed harvesting of more than 50 percent finished, the barley harvest and the coming to an end. The GOSZ president’s note: the amount of crop expected to be 10-20 percent less elelő driver year. Thus, the previous forecast is correct, but the yields, only the harvest is completed after final data to say.

This year the harvest August 1-to be completed – said Vancsura József.

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