Goldman Sachs is considering Bitcoinhandel.

Goldman Sachs is considering whether to start offering trading in bitcoin and other digital currencies, which would become the first Wall Street company who are directly involved in the controversial market.

This is according to sources to the Wall Street Journal.

According to the sources, is Goldman Sachs plans at an early stage and may not proceed.

”As a response for the clients ‘ interest in digital currencies, we explore how we can best serve them in this area,” said a spokeswoman for Goldman Sachs.

Goldman Sachs plans could increase the interest in bitcoin among investors and add to the debate on digital currencies, which was originally seen as a harbor for illegal activity but who now press forward against the general investerarvärlden.

China has recently banned the venues for bitcoin with the fear that it will create a way for capital flight. James Dimon, head of JP Morgan which is the largest player in the trade of global currencies, has called bitcoin for the fraud and said he would kick the employees if they were found to be trading in digital currencies.

The government of japan has , however, embraced bitcoin and created the regulation to legitimise the trade, and India and Sweden has been talking about creating their own digital currencies. In the united states has the Federal Reserve been studying bitcoin and the technology that supports the currency, writes the Wall Street Journal.

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