Gold slightly down before the NFP

The price of gold for a safe haven declined on Friday, as traders continued to monitor closely the news business chinese-american.

The future of gold in the United States were down 0.2% to 1 481,05 to$ 13.50.

On Thursday, the us president, Donald Trump has stated that the trade negotiations “going forward”, pushing global stocks to the upside.

The uncertainties related to an agreement have remained unchanged, the comments from the president this week sent conflicting signals about the progress made in the trade discussions.

Trump has said that negotiations with China are going “quite well”, just a day after you have tempered the hope of a commercial agreement, stating that an agreement to put an end to the trade dispute may have to be deferred until the american presidential election in November 2020.

At the same time, the us Treasury secretary, Steven Mnuchin, has told the press that negotiations between Washington and Beijing were progressing, without delay for the conclusion.

As regards the data, the final report of the working american expected later in the day is expected to generate some attention.

Traders in gold are also awaiting the next meeting of the u.s. federal Reserve, scheduled for next week. The Fed is expected to maintain its rate unchanged at 1.50-1.75 per cent.

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