GM&S : the decision of the court postponed to 4 September

The commercial court of Poitiers, was postponed Monday for the fifth time its decision on the resumption of the oem GM&S Industry in France and has extended the period of activity of the factory on 18 September, announced the lawyer of the employees.

The court on 4 September on the single squeeze-out of the group GMD, which proposes the retention of 120 jobs on 277. He expects “to reopen the proceedings after having received such notice of the representative institutions of the staff”, said the lawyer, Jean-Louis Borie, citing the court document.

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Negotiate to increase the number of employees taken over

This decision satisfies the employees. “The court could not dispense to comply with the legal rules. The enterprise committee will be consulted twice : on the one hand, on the supply of GMD and, on the other hand, on the social plan that will result”, explained Jean-Louis Borie to the press, at the end of his argument before the court.

The employees wish to negotiate to increase the number of people times. They are also calling for compensation supralégales for those who would be excluded from the offer.

“There will be no recovery and long-term calming of the site of The Underground as it will not have settled the question of those who still remain on the tile and as long as one has not resolved the issue of compensation of the victims,” says the lawyer of the employees.

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