Gemalto, the Capitol to the rock tarpéienne

In 2013, Gemalto entered the prestigious club of the CAC 40. A crowning moment for the smart card manufacturer, born in 2006 from the merger of Axalto and Gemplus. Security, software platforms, mobile payment… Olivier Piou, the architect of the merger, had made a fire of any wood to carry the gem technology French on the baptismal font. Las, four years later, the potion is bitter. The specialist SIM cards is out of the flagship index of the Paris stock Exchange in 2015 and has continued during the past year four warnings on its results. Its director general, Mr. Piou, suddenly rendering her apron in 2016 to become the single director of the company.

What has happened in the past ? His successor, Philippe Vallée, was to meet with Mounir Mahjoubi Tuesday, October 31. The menu of discussions : the digital identity, one of the workhorses of the company, which is also part of the roadmap of the secretary of State to digital. Yet, in the corridors of the company, there are whispers that a takeover of the company could be evoked in the office of Mr. Mahjoubi. So far, nothing has come to support this rumor and, in good source, the BPI, which owns 8 % of the capital, hope to be there in the long term.

Since that Gemalto does most of its promises, the rumors are rife about its future. On the 27th of October, the electronics manufacturer has managed to ease concerns. The company, which has published a turnover steady at 751 million euros in its third quarter, has maintained its outlook for 2017, avoiding a new ” profit warning “. Throughout the year, the company expects a profit of between 293 and 323 million euros.

If Gemalto is effective, it is far from the ambitions of the original lease to Mr. Piou, who predicted a profit of 660 million euros this year. Objective that it is hard to maintain until his resignation on September 1, 2016.


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