Gard, the world leader in marine insurance, chooses Interoute for its transformation to digital

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Paris, 13 June 2017 – Interoute, operator and owner of a platform of cloud services and global networks the most important and the most advanced in Europe, has been chosen by Gard, one of the world leaders in marine insurance, protecting more than 12 000 ships in total, to ensure its transformation to digital.

Like all sectors, the shipping insurance is undergoing a digitalisation growing. Gard is in the permanent search of solutions to optimize and increase its operational efficiency by developing portfolios of products and services. This is why the company has chosen Interoute to support its transformation strategy and digital to improve the experience of its customers – ensuring a permanent availability with a latency optimal.
“We consulted with leading experts as we wanted to be really sure of the choice of our partner. We quickly realized that not only Interoute offered the best technical solutions for us but he was also the provider for the most innovative and most agile that we met, and his team has fully understood our needs. ” says Carl August Poppe, Senior Manager of Infrastructure Capabilities, Technology and Business Transformation in Gard.

Gard has thus improved the process of 13 of its offices with the ICT infrastructure and platform cloud Virtual Data Centre Interoute, to the delight of the employees.
“We can’t prevent accidents, but we can help our policyholders manage the risks and their consequences and to resume their activity as soon as possible, as if nothing had happened. To do this, we need a digital infrastructure reliable and stable for methods to work smarter and faster while improving the user experience. ” says Carl August Poppe.
To support its transformation to a digital one, Gard has invested heavily in it and telecommunications. The digital platform global Interoute for enterprise and its cloud-based solution connecting all the departments of Gard and the third-party applications. This translates into an operational stability with the flexibility of cloud and an agile environment that allow to move from traditional it to the digital.
Bruno Boucq, Director General France of Interoute, comments : “The flexibility of the cloud is an important factor because it ensures that a transition to digital smoothly, without loss of data during the transfer. Gard is the perfect example of a company that has managed to do it and we are proud to have them as clients.”
Carl August Poppe adds : “ICT is the cornerstone of our mission to ensure our clients and to our members, the process of the transfer of risk safe and predictable, and our transition to digital we will bring even more of our customers with a more reliable service and more consistent. ”

About Interoute
Interoute is the owner of a platform of a cloud services world and one of the most important european networks consisting of 15 data centers hosting 17 Virtual Data Centres, 33 centres of colocation and direct connections on more than 206 Carrier Hotels partners on the three continental plates of Europe – Asia – Americas of the North.
The entirety of its service offerings to a IT unified, caters to multinational corporations as well as the most major telecom companies, to states and to universities.
Interoute supports its customers in their transformation to digital by providing the hybrid infrastructure enables the agility, the sovereignty and control of data, while reducing costs.
Its strategy for an IT unified shows to be attractive for enterprises seeking a platform for secure, scalable, and without coercion, on which they can build their voice, video, computing and data, and for Internet service providers wanting a high-capacity international infrastructure and the transfer of data. Interoute owns and manages 24 metropolitan area networks major among the major european business centres.
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