Galimmo SCA continues to strengthen its commercial team

Paris, June 19, 2017 – Galimmo SCA, a listed real estate company specialised in retail property and in the valuation of shopping centers, announced today the strengthening of its commercial team with the appointments of Eva Cocolaras and Jehan-Adrien Argouet in quality of Responsible for Marketing in France. Eva Cocolaras and Jehan-Adrien Argouet support, under the responsibility of Sébastien Trouxinho, Commercial Director France of Galimmo, the marketing of sites Galimmo located respectively in the regions of Champagne-Ardennes, Big and Massive and in the Northern region.

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Biography of Eva Cocolaras

Eva Cocolaras began his career in 2007 within the real Estate Casino Group, where she successively held the functions of operational marketing and then marketing. She then joined Klépierre in 2014 as a Leasing Officer in charge of the commercial management of the assets of bordeaux of the land.

Biography of Jehan-Adrien Argouet

Before joining Galimmo, Jehan-Adrien Argouet held in Klépierre during the last three years for different functions of a financial analyst for the commercial team and asset management within the Directorate of operations in France. He began his career in 2011 in the missions of control of management of sales at Kraftfoods.

About Galimmo SCA

Become a land in September 2016, Galimmo SCA (ISIN : FR0000030611) is a company listed on compartment B of Euronext Paris, specializing in the real estate trade and dedicated to the enhancement and management of commercial galleries adjacent to hypermarkets Cora. Its heritage value 546,5 million euros(1), is composed of the 51 galleries in France. Galimmo SCA also has a 15 per cent stake in a group that holds 7 commercial galleries in Belgium.

Galimmo SCA is a partnership limited by shares whose management is ensured by Galimmo Services France, itself 100% owned by Galimmo Real Estate, a property which it operates, through its subsidiaries, a total of 65 commercial galleries adjacent to hypermarkets Cora in Europe.

(1) Value excluding duties at 31 December 2016

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