Fuels : in the face of rising diesel fuel, the LPG is in ambush

Yes, it is still possible, today, in France, to refuel his vehicle at less than 1 euro per litre. And a real full, in a real tank, that is filled in a real service station. It is necessary for it to be part of the 200 000 drivers in French that run on LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), a less polluting than the diesel (a vehicle, LPG emits virtually no particulates and oxides of nitrogen) and more environmentally friendly than gasoline (the consumption and, therefore, the CO2 emissions are lower by approximately 20 %).

Around the 20th of October, the average price of LPG in france amounted to 0.83 euro per litre, with peaks at 0.95 and lows of 0.75 –, when the gas oil was 1.52 and the essence 1,53 euro. And the price of fuel is not the only comparative advantage of the rolling vehicles with this gas from oil wells (it is in fact butane-propane).

The purchase value of the cars is comparable to that of gasoline vehicles, the engine being exactly the same. Only changes : a reservoir for the liquefied gas, and a system of dual-fuel gasoline-LPG are added.

Cars GPL benefit of the thumbnail Crit’Air 1

Another benefit of the solution : in these uncertain times for the future of the circulation of automobiles in the city, the cars in GPL to benefit from the thumbnail Crit’Air 1 – which defines the potential traffic restrictions – and as such are eligible for the premium to the conversion of an old vehicle pollutant. Furthermore, in the Ile-de-France and in almost all regions, the gray card is free for this type of engine.

“With the GPL, it is possible to ride in vehicles that are worth less than 15 000 euros new and that, on occasion, can be found on the market between 2 000 and 3 000 euros, summarizes Joel Pedessac, director-general of the French Committee of butane and propane and main lobbyist of the GPL in France. And it is to be noted that…

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