From September must be reported to the electrical installation and vízközmű-wiring activity

Must be reported to the fork assembly, and vízközmű-wiring activity of the technical safety authority in September, the activities of a number of conditions have to comply with in the Hungarian Gazette the latest issue of.

The government regulation, according to the activity in a form to be declared, which must be accompanied by specific qualifications and practical time existence of supporting documents. The activity only can be done, who have at least one million huf worth of liability insurance, as well as a statement about the technology used to statutory criteria it meets.

Economic company and individual company, then you can do the activity, if the care workers have adequate qualifications and practical over time.

The authority prohibits the performance of the activity, if the plumber does not comply with the conditions, or has committed a serious breach of the electricity, vízközmű-or channel connection mounted activities relating to the professional rules by which the life and physical integrity endangerment was caused by, or substantial property damage.

May be prohibited in the activities even if the mechanic is not in the revised design documentation or not in accordance with the instructions to perform the work. The activity after a year may be re-performed.

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