French games : thirty-eight online games on the harness

A wind of concern that blew up in recent days in the French games (FDJ). Conscious of accuracy, and the mps working on the bill to privatise the company had proposed to better define the games for which it has a monopoly. Instead of the word a little wave of ” lottery “, which may cover all the games of money and chance, they wanted a specific reference to the games of draw and scratch, the two house specialties. “Let the word lottery would give to the future owner of the FDJ, the free-field to maximize the opportunities of games, and could eventually pose problems in terms of addiction,” judge mp LREM, Olga Givernet.

Kick stress in Boulogne-Billancourt (Hauts-de-Seine), the headquarters of the JDF. Of course, at tobacconists, the games of the company are divided between the tickets, the scratch, as Cash, and those who give him a chance to get the good number, like the Lottery. But on the Internet, surprise : most of the games offered by the JDF does not fit into these two boxes. If the amendments were adopted, there would have been more than 19 games allowed on the 57 today operated online ! Two-thirds should be arrested, if alarm Stéphane Pallez, president of the company, with the minister of the economy. “This would impede the activity and reduce the price at the time of privatization “, slips one of the supporters of the project.

“The subject deserves debate ”

Immediately, Bruno Le Maire urged the parliamentarians to let go : “I wouldn’t be too insistent if the JDF had not demonstrated a real concern “, pleaded he. In committee, the amendments were withdrawn on Thursday 13 September. The question remains : what are these games developed by the FDJ beyond the declination digital its tickets classic, and for which it enjoys a monopoly ? Of interactive games that combine a mechanical…

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